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Alpha Maddox

In Chaos Valley, there is only one way for wolves to find their fated mates. Once a year, in the heat of summer, the Chaos descends.

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Mates are supposed to be forever, but nine years ago I found mine sleeping with another man.


Every night I both curse the Moon Goddess for pairing me with such an unfaithful woman and beg her for another chance to find a mate who could love me, because a callous and unruly alpha like me isn’t cut out to raise a daughter with a disability on his own. But the years pass by, and I find myself loathing everyone, especially that sonavbitch’s daughter, Jade.


She is a constant reminder of who her father used to be before I killed him.


When the Chaos hits, for the first time in nine years, like a mother fuckin’ train, I stare at Jade from across the dark forest and vow that I would never let another woman get close enough to hurt me again, especially if she’s my mate.



Mates mean nothing, at least that’s what my father said when he cheated on Mom with the luna of our pack.


I didn’t believe in them then, and I don’t believe in them now. And nothing, not even the Chaos, could change my mind. 


But when the forest goes dark and the Chaos descends upon the dark valley, I find myself staring back at Maddox, my alpha and the annoying prick who has made my life a living hell these past nine years. If I hate anything more than the mate bond, it is that the Moon Goddess destines me to be with Alpha Maddox.


Too bad I will never let him into my life.


But the pull is stronger than I hope, and my wolf won’t let him go.