Sleeping with my best friend's dad... 

"Mr. Byrne, I have a boyfriend," I whispered.

“A boyfriend who can’t make you cum. A boyfriend that doesn’t excite you.” He rubbed his fingers against the front of my shorts. “You need a man, Mia, not a boy.”

Find out what happens in this forbidden romance between Mia and Mr. Bryne, Mia's best friend's father.

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Loving my best friend's dad...

After Mia's mother's successful surgery, Mia thinks that she can finally relax and enjoy her time with Michael. Her mother is happy. Mason has gotten everything he deserved. And Mia finally has a group of friends she can relay on. But when Michael's ex-wife shows up at his doorstep, everything takes a turn for the worst. With rumors floating around town--and around Michael's work--about their relationship, Mia doesn't want to cause more problems for him. But Michael never backs away from love, especially not theirs.

Marrying my best friend's dad... 

With a baby on the way, her best friend back, and grad school finally figured out, Mia is ready to take on the world with Michael by her side. Only problems are: the wedding is closer than she planned, her bump is growing fast, and then there's this flirty frat boy in her lab who won't quite leave her alone.