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I’m indebted to the cruelest mafia don in Manhattan.


He offers me a way to eliminate all my debt: leave my fiance and marry him.


But when my fiance forces me to skip town, I soon find myself standing in a cold, empty warehouse in front of a devil covered in the blood of my beloved. The mafia boss will stop at nothing to make me his.


Mafia Boss

The mafia boss and his wife want to pay me one million dollars to be their toy for a year.


They can touch me, use me, fuck me wherever and whenever they like. Aboard private jets, on the Italian coast, in lofty skyrises... they give me the life of luxury in exchange for me to be their dirty little secret.


MafiaToy_1 copy (4).jpg
Mafia Toy
MafiaBetrayal_1 copy (2).jpg

The hot Italian jerk wants to destroy me… in more ways than one.

When the mafia don finally offers me an opportunity to oversee a business deal, Alessandro Russo—the Italian bad boy mobster–has other plans for me. He vows to watch me fall from my standing in the family and onto my knees for him.


Mafia Betrayal
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