God of War Series


Taming an alpha is never easy.

Warmonger Alpha Ares promises to kill anyone who has the Malavite Stone—a crystal packed with ungodly powers and healing properties. From slaughtering packs to building himself an empire, he will stop at nothing to find it. That is until he meets Aurora.

Aurora thinks she knows exactly how to destroy such an arrogant alpha: with a good night and some ale spiked with wolfsbane.

But she has three little secrets that could threaten her entire existence…
- She knows where the Malavite Stone is.
- A pack of bloodthirsty rogues are trying to kill her.
- And she’s falling for the man she once feared.

Taming an alpha is never easy.

Alpha Ares will do anything to avenge his mother and protect his mate, Aurora. But the hounds are becoming stronger by the day, and Aurora fears that the worst is yet to come.


Will Ares and Aurora defeat the Hounds and avenge the ones that they hold closest? Will they be able to protect their pack? Or will the leader of the hounds destroy everything and everyone they care about?