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A feared beast searching for an ancient relic. A woman determined to destroy him to prove herself. When their fates collide, more than fur will fly.


When the most feared alpha invades my family’s territory with a fleet of warriors and claims that I’m his mate, I want to kill him. He has terrorized hundreds of wolves while looking for the Malavite Stone—a crystal packed with ungodly powers and healing properties—and I refuse to be another one of his victims.


But if I don’t leave with him, he vows to slaughter all my packmates. I’ve suffered enough under my mother’s cruel rule and judgment. And I don’t have the cold heart to let my loved ones die.


With a pack of bloodthirsty rogues desperate to kill me, leaving with my fated mate is far more dangerous than anyone thinks, but I’m determined to bring this alpha to his knees with my trusty cat sidekick.


Come Here, Kitten

Between dealing with my bitter father, preparing to become recognized as Luna of Ares’s pack, and worrying about the looming threat of hounds, I know that the worst is about to descend upon the Sanguine Wilds.


My only hope is the second half of the Malavite Stone.


But with the powerful stone in my possession, I struggle to choose between saving my mate’s sister from terminal cancer and becoming stronger myself to destroy the hounds for good this time.


How can I choose?



Catch Me, Alpha

With the complete Malavite Stone in my possession, a pup growing in my stomach, and the hounds still threatening the Sanguine Wilds, I have to choose between my pup’s future and the future of the werewolf species.


But when worse comes to worst, and Ares begins doubting his abilities to lead a life without Mars, our only hope for our pup’s future is to fight and stop the Hounds for good.


Will we finally succeed this time, or will our enemies trap them in the Underworld?


Forever Yours, Kitten

After endlessly fighting the hounds in the Underworld, we make one mistake which lands Ares as Hella’s prisoner. Without either of my mates, I’m a postpartum mess. Every day that goes by without seeing my child, I lose more and more hope that we’ll ever win this war.


But when I begin to receive real-time memories of my daughter’s life in the Sanguine Wilds, I fight on to find my mates and make it back home.



Only Yours, Alpha
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