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Monsters of Durnbone Series

Where monsters find love.


My four wolf-shifter best friends want to play a game with me. They cover their faces with skeleton masks, take me to the forest, and tell me to run for my life. I make it a mile into the woods before their howls echo through the dark night.

They hunt me.

They surround me.

They seize me.

Once they bring me back home, they’ll protect me from all the secrets that I’ve been hiding since I escaped my father’s estate weeks ago. But will their protection be enough from the monster that lives inside me too?


Four Masked Wolves

A diabolical monstrosity. A cursed incubus with half a human face. A sorry excuse for a member of the royal family.

This cruel world has given me many names.

But they don’t know the real me.

The me who uses his magic to cloak his grotesque body in the tavern where she works. The me who watches her every shift and follows her home to ensure she gets in safely. The me who would do anything to protect a human woman.

She doesn’t know the real me either.

Until I accidentally drop my royal family ring at the tavern, and she picks it up.

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Monster Lover
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My Bad Boy Alpha
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